Easter Misconceptions


On June 18. 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte led his army of 72,000 troops against the Duke of
Wellington’s army of 68,000. The battle took place 12 miles south of Brussels in Belgium
near a village called Waterloo. The people of France waited with bated breath to hear how the battle was going, as did the people of England.

In that day flags were used to send news by semaphore, and the message was sent to England which said ” Wellington defeated ” then a heavy, fog rolled in and blanketed the
semaphore signals. The people of England went headlong into a spin of doom and gloom at the news, with heavy hearts they they grieved over the thought of being under the control of France. The fog lifted, the complete message read “Wellington Defeated Napoleon.”
Sadness gave way to gladness as the whole story unfolded, they only had half of the news.
England never came under subjection to France.

History records the birth, life and death of Jesus of Nazareth, but the Bible records many more details to the story including the Easter Story.The Gospels unfold reactions.
The Gospel of the Apostle John unfolds the story of the arrest and trial of Jesus, then in detail describes the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. The response of the disciples was one of utter fear and disbelief at what was happening. Realizing they might be next,
they unitedly gathered together, closed the shutters, locked the doors and waited in
abject fear. (John 20:19.)

The resurrected Jesus appeared in their midst and like the people of England re Waterloo
the Disciples had reacted to only half of the truth. Jesus appeared to them, clearing the
doubt in their thinking, the dullness in their eyes and Scripture records, they were filled with gladness and enthusiasm. In fact History records the martyrdom of all the
Apostles except the Apostle John, who was left as a witness of all that was still to come.

At this Easter season, don’t commit to only half the story follow it to the end before making your judgement., I did and I believe that “He is Risen” and desires a relationship
with those for whom He died and rose again.

Happy Easter. H.R.